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Salem schools save energy and some serious $

Aug 4, 2020

The spring of 2020 presented many challenges for the Salem School District yet provided one clear opportunity. With the buildings mostly empty it gave the perfect chance for improvements and upgrades.

In April of 2020, Mike McQueeney with Energy Services of NH approached Deborah Payne, Assistant Superintendent for Business Operations, about upgrading all buildings’ fluorescent lighting to LED. After a review of facilities with Garrett MacAskill, Director of Maintenance, Mike did the serious number crunching with LED Conversions, the supply distributor. And after discussions with Franklin Energy, the program implementer, together with a push for incentives through Liberty Utilities, the project was set in motion with a solid plan for improvements and cost savings.

Special care was taken to ensure all safety protocols established by the state were in place as soon as the green light was given and work started with local electricians to install the measures in the beginning of June.

Ms. Payne commented, ‘Whenever I needed answers someone was there to pick up the phone.’ This was especially important given other personnel movement in the buildings and the newly implemented COVID safety protocols.

Energy Services of NH worked hard to ensure that all of the many details were fully addressed, and Deborah added ‘the contractors did a good job.’

The final post inspection of the project was held on July 30, to which Mr. MacAskill added, ‘two weeks ahead of schedule!’

The tale of the tape:

Total # fixtures upgraded           1,713

Projected Annual savings           $62,788.00

Total Project Costs                    $291,484.55

Liberty Utilities Incentives         $102,673.05

Return on Investment               3 years

To make the project even more attractive, Liberty Utilities agreed to provide on-bill 0% financing of the entire project since it met all of the qualifiers on its energy efficiency program.

Bottom line: without spending any money from their capital budget, SAU 57 completed full lighting retrofits for North Salem Elementary, Lancaster Elementary and Barron Elementary school buildings. And Liberties Utilities provided incentives that covered 36% of the investment.

Ms. Payne wrapped it all up saying, “We’re quite happy with the program…the lighting looks nice.”

Energy Services of NH is proud to have provided the solutions with this project and always looks for opportunities to help operations like this with upgrade programs available from the utilities.

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