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Your outreach leads us to look at each energy component with your building to zero in on its efficiency and clean energy options. Whether we’re looking at replacement of aging systems, cutting energy costs, or other sustainability goals, we’ll request some basic info on your equipment and the invoicing from your utility. This gives us a workplan and brings us on-site for a scheduled in-person review of the energy items in your facility and a discussion of YOUR priorities.


Our on-site analysis, together with your submissions, provide the foundation. Based on this, Energy Services of NH utilizes its experience to provide an Improvement Plan Outline with recommended energy efficiency measures cost savings, estimated installed pricing, and payback period. We will take the time to make sure you understand all of your options with the details at hand and provide the follow-up steps necessary. There is absolutely NO fee or obligation for this initial report.


Some solutions are simpler than others. Whether you can handle the project yourself or if you need contractor support, Energy Services of NH has you covered. We will provide the expertise and general how-to guides for your team to complete the upgrades or assign a sub-contractor partner with the full project scope for a completely turn-key assignment.


Energy Services of NH will ensure all utility incentives, tax benefits, and third-party support programs are outlined for your project and prepared for submission. Post-installation, we will review the new equipment operation to ensure the actual energy savings plan meets or exceeds projections. We will then cover all new equipment documentation, facility operations, and maintenance with you. This will set a new energy benchmark for your operations. Your ongoing partnership with us will provide a means to work with your energy services partners to provide proper, ongoing maintenance and operations.



Custom and prescriptive rebates are available for cost effective energy efficiency improvements like LED lighting products from electric and natural gas utility providers along with state programs. Our efforts will always start with the products that maximize your benefits from these providers. Our experience and ongoing work here has made us very familiar with each energy provider and its opportunity for your business.


This unique approach provides an ability to pay for efficiency projects through in-electric rate funding without a capital expenditure. The costs of efficiency measures are factored into your price per kilowatt hour and you realize cost savings through a reduction in consumption.

Depending on the project and the timing, some utilities offer 0% interest on-bill financing while others may offer interest rate buy down programs. This approach provides an ability to pay for LED retrofit or other energy efficiency project capital expenditures in combination with utility incentives. The costs of efficiency measures are designed to be less than your monthly savings so you realize positive cash flow on your investment in efficiency from the first day it is installed.


Energy Services of New Hampshire was founded on 20+ years of experience with the utilities, energy companies, and the contractor services of New Hampshire. Especially now, opportunities with the utility efficiency programs for the residential, commercial and industrial customer segments continue to spin off great upgrade options for businesses across the state. These incentives have provided the basis for some great customer savings and award-winning work.

With a solid history of delivering 163% of the energy savings goals from 2015-2019 on time and on budget, we’re focused on improvements to your efficiencies and your bottom line. At the end of the day, it’s your business and our work is intended solely to make it better with a payback through the savings in your monthly utility payment.

Our efforts have run the gamut of residential, municipal, and commercial applications, large and small. But regardless of the size or complexity, rest assured that we will provide the same attention to detail you would if you were energy geeks like us.

Let us help your business shine

While responsibly cutting your energy needs and your utility payments.

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